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Ulalume, a Ballad

Dreamlike animation brings Poe's unforgettable poem to life, with desolate, macabre, and volcanic imagery.

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Cherokee filmmaker Gary D. Rhodes and Irish artist Cherith Brown worked together for more than five years to bring Edgar Allan Poe's renowned

poem, Ulalume (1847), to the screen

in an animated interpretation of

never-ending and mournful

sights and sounds. 


Barbara Steele, star of such films as The Pit and the Pendulum (1962), Bond actress Caroline Munro, and Poe filmmaker and actor Mark Redfield voice roles in this transatlantic production, which

features a haunting original score.

But Poe remains the essential

star—his past is always


Caroline Munro
Barbara Steele
Gary D. Rhodes
Mark Redfield

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Directed by
Gary D. Rhodes

Animation by
Cherith Brown

Produced by
Robert L. Singer
Don Rhodes

Music by
Cliff Wallace

Sound by
Matt Horton

Sound Design by
Pat Horton

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Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 8.49.29 PM.png

Running time,

Copyright 2022,
Eventide Productions

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Gary D. Rhodes


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